Learn from the Insiders

Learn from the Insiders. Tools of the Professionals. There are many approaches to trading, but only few of them work. In this book I present a step-by-step guide to various approaches and tools used by the best traders in the world. Learn from the Professionals.


One approach alone is unlikely to yield success. I provide insights into a variety of approaches in combination with each other. That is the key to trading success. It is only the combination of several approaches that enables us to gain an advantage in the market and to better understand them. 


CoT data are only useful in combination with the forward curves as a guidance tool and not a timing tool. As regards timing, I use other methods and combine them with the Volume Profile and the Footprint Chart to achieve more accurate entries and exits and place partial entries and exits. Trading with just one contract deprives you of a gigantic advantage. It is always recommended to vary the position size and to place partial entries and exits.


The book serves as preparation for the seminar but is not a substitute. You will learn a lot, but for more comprehensive insights, I recommend the seminar. I hope you enjoy the book and wish you much success with your trading.